• Guidelines  

    Students are encouraged to make careful course selections during registration due to it's direct correlation to the development of the master schedule for the upcoming school year. For this reason, only in certain situations can a schedule be changed. No changes can be made, after the deadline, unless the request meets one of the following:
    • Do not have the prerequisite.
    • Failed a prerequisite / inappropriate placement.
    • Medical need (requires official documentation).
    • Educational options (i.e. PSEO or STEP).
    • Computer error.
    Not all requests for schedule changes can be honored. Examples of requests not honored are:
    • Changing teachers.
    • Changing class hours.
    • Requesting classes with friends.
    • Switching due to activities participation.
    • Student changing their mind about a class they signed up for.
    • Dropping AP, CIS or Honors courses.
    • Dropping music courses.
    • Dropping STEP (students may be able to change STEP classes based on remaining open classes).
    If you have schedule questions or concerns, please stop into the counseling office or contact your school counselor.