• Resources

    Resources are available for Minnesota home and nonpublic schools. If you are interested in participating in any of the programs, please read through the requirements and the directions carefully. To apply, simply complete the appropriate forms and follow directions for the particular program of your interest.

    Minnesota nonpublic textbook, individualized instructional materials and standardized testing program

    • $120.97 for students in grades K–12
    • $60.49 for part-time kindergarten
    Provides: Approved materials on loan to nonpublic schools and homeschools.
    Requirements: Materials must meet standard definitions given by the state; all materials must be secular in nature; all materials must be prepared as opposed to supply items; no teacher (only student) items; testing must meet professional standards.
    Directions: Applicant forwards completed form (State Form ED-01650) to School District Home and Nonpublic Schools Office. All applications should be submitted by October 1 annually. Please call 763-506-1273 with questions.

    MN Nonpublic Health Services Program

    Allocation/student: $81.07
    Provides: Services of a public health nurse for screening and consultation.
    Directions: Applicant forwards completed form to school district. All applications should be submitted prior to the opening of school.

    MN Nonpublic Guidance and Counseling Program

    Allocation/student: $339.53
    Provides: Guidance and counseling services for secondary students at a public school site. (Registration and scheduling assistance is done without charge to any student.)
    Directions: Applicants forward completed form to School District. Please note that this is available only to students Grade 7 and above.

    Title I, Special Education & Title Staff Development Funds

    Provides: Tutorial services for elementary students who are six months or more behind their grade levels in reading and/or math.
    Requirements: Students must live in a Title I targeted area and service is provided at a public school. Student must have a high priority for service, must be identified by his/her classroom teacher, must score below the 40th percentile in reading and/or math on a nationally normed, standardized test and must live in a targeted area. 
    Directions: Submit a written request for Title I services and confirmation that the student is eligible for free and reduced lunches to the Director of Supplemental Programs at the ISD Anoka-Hennepin Educational Services Center. To determine if a student is eligible for free or reduced lunch, please contact Child Nutrition Services, they can provide application to determine eligibility. Further student skills assessment will be necessary to complete the process. Title I services will be provided with other students at the same level at a scheduled time in the public school in the student's attendance area.

    Special Education

    The Reauthorization of Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires school districts to identify students in nonpublic schools who have a disability. Students enrolled in homeschool are considered a nonpublic educational placement.
    If you perceive that your child is not making satisfactory academic, social, behavioral and /or communicative progress to the extent that your child appears to demonstrate a substantial limitation in the areas of learning or communicating, you may seek an evaluation through the Anoka-Hennepin School District. The evaluation will be designed to determine whether or not the student has a disability as defined by Minnesota State Criteria.  The public school responsible for reviewing this referral is the age appropriate attendance area school in which you reside. Students eligible for special education under Minnesota State Criteria will have a meeting scheduled to discuss and develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP).
    If a student is enrolled in public school and receives special education services, and now opts to enroll as a home-educated student, parents may request a meeting with the public school to discuss and develop an ISP. Direct special education services are delivered at the attendance school. Contact the special education department with questions regarding a special education evaluation.

    Title II Staff Development Funds

    Allocation/Student: $18.89
    Provides: Staff development in math and science for non-public school staff.
    Directions: Send letter of request to the Director of Supplemental Programs at the Educational Service Center outlining the use of the funds. Forms must be signed.


    Provides: Home educated student's transportation for guidance and counseling services, Title I and special education services according to district policy. Transportation services will be provided and arranged as appropriate to the student's participation in those programs.
    Requirements: Qualifications for appropriate service.
    Arrangements may be made by contacting the Transportation department.