MARCH 29, 2020

    Andover High School Students and Families,

    Thank you for your cooperation, patience and support during this time of transition in our community. While students will not be meeting at school for the next several weeks, we are confident we will continue to learn and grow together. Please refer to this Distance Learning FAQ to help you and your students get started in distance learning.

    We are committed to strong ongoing communication with you throughout this time period. Reach out to us with questions or concerns via phone or email and we will respond by the next school day. We may schedule meetings with families through Google Meet as needed. Students should check their email daily and remain connected to teachers through Google Classroom or Moodle.

    This fall we shared with students our motto for the year: Together, We CAN! I am so proud of the work our staff has done over the past week and I know that I will be impressed with the work of our students to come. Remember, we are not going to be perfect, but we believe in you and in the power of together. We can do this!

    Becky Brodeur
    Principal, Andover High School