• Activities and classes

    Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) offers high-quality programs designed to:
    • Strengthen parenting skills.
    • Discover activities to help children learn.
    • See your child thrive and make new friends


    Age-specific classes

    Age-specific classes are offered to help families learn about challenges and opportunities that come with parenting children at each age and stage, while children can interact with peers that have similar developmental skills. Each class includes parent/child time, learning activities for children and parent discussion. The age of the child attending the class must fall within the guidelines during the first week that the class is held.

    Mixed-age classes
    Mixed-age classes are designed for families with one or more children, ranging in age from birth up to kindergarten. Families with one or more children are welcome. Each class includes a parent/child time, learning activities for children and parent discussion.

    Classes just for parents

    Parents face tremendous challenges and dilemmas while raising a child. Parent education classes are designed to meet the needs of today’s families. Our classes provide community and a shared learning experience for moms, dads, and those who work with children.

    Playtime sessions

    Each Early Childhood Education site invites families with children ages birth to kindergarten to learn and grow through playtime in the early childhood classrooms and gymnasiums. Parents remain with the children during class. Each week, new toys, songs and activities are planned to inspire the senses. View the playtime schedule.
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    Phone: 763-506-1275

    Office Hours:
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