• Get started - apply to volunteer

    Volunteer Thank you for your time and interest in volunteering in our schools! We value the time, talents and dedication of our volunteers. 
    Volunteers may contact the school district volunteer services office to be assigned to a school with specific needs, or they may volunteer at a school of their choice.


    What do you need to do to volunteer?

    • Complete an online volunteer application for each school where you wish to volunteer.
      -Use the Volunteer Application Instruction for assistance in completing the form.

    • Once you complete your online application, you will be prompted to complete and submit an online criminal record history release (CRHR) form.

    After you have completed the volunteer application and CRHR, the school's volunteer services coordinator will send you an email letting you know you are approved to begin volunteering. If you need assistance completing either form, contact the volunteer coordinator at your school or the district's volunteer services supervisor.