CTE Course Syllabus



    Course Name:  Digital Photography I


    Program of Study: Communications Technology Occupations

    Subcategory: Communications Technology Occupations


    Anoka-Hennepin Number: 76541    (Digital Photography I)

    State Prog. Code: 171502 - Course Code: 49

    Number Days: 58   Approx. Hrs.: 65 - Term: 1 Tri

    Number of Credits: .5



    Prerequisites:                  None

    Brief Description:           Elective open to grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  This class is designed to provide theory and practice in the use of a digital camera, uploading and printing pictures, and enhancing pictures with Photoshop software. Students will become proficient in downloading digital photographs (still & video) and be able to showcase their talent electronically as well as in print.  Students will be responsible for capturing several images in various assigned categories and presenting them in a portfolio.

    Course Outcomes:           The following topics will be addressed:

    1. Safety
      1. Understand and demonstrate proper safety procedures in the area of dress, vision hazards, behavior, accident procedures, computer ergonomics and digital security as it pertains to photo programs
    2. Content
      1. Coursework will focus on the basics of photographic composition, lighting, camera positioning, workflow digital photography, and digital manipulation.
      2. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CS6, Adobe Bridge, I-Photo [or similar], and Photo Booth [or similar]. Software will be integrated with apps available for mobile devices including, but not limited to: Instagram, Adobe PS Express, etc.
      3. Images will be taken with, and technical training will be provided for; DSLR, Digital Cameras, Smartphones, and tablets.
      4. Topics covered will also include:
        1. Parts of a digital camera.
        2. Rule of Thirds
    • Stop Action & Motion Blur
    1. Nature Photography
    2. Portrait Photography
    3. Advertisement Photography
    • Panoramic Views

    Methods:                             This course will include required reading that relates to the instructional units listed, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and self-paced work. Although this is a hands-on, computer-based course, it will be necessary for students to become familiar with new terms, concepts and processes before practicing new skills. All lectures and demonstrations are followed by activities that allow students to more fully understand the presented material.

    Evaluation:                        The grade for this course will be based on the following:

    • A – 100% - 90%
    • B – 89% - 80%
    • C – 79% - 70%
    • D – 69% - 60%
    • F – 59% or below

    Grades will consist of tests, daily assignments, a portfolio, participation and attendance.

    Resources:                         The following resources are needed daily for this course:

    • Pen or Pencil
    • Folder
    • Notebook
    • Thumb Drive for computer classes
    • A digital camera and USB cable (school cameras/accessories may be checked out for 2 days at a time)
    • Appropriate clothing for work in class – See instructor for complete list of appropriate clothing as different classes have different requirements.

    Attend. & Conduct:          Attendance and class participation are critical to the student's success in understanding and gaining familiarity with CTE concepts. Please notify the instructor if you will be missing any classes. Students are expected to submit their own work for this course. Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated. This includes copying the work of other students during examinations; unauthorized collaboration on homework and project assignments; unauthorized use of the internet to obtain homework and/or test answers; representing work done by others as your own.


    College Credit or Professional Certification: Pending

    # Coll Cr (if any):                                                       School(s) Accepting Credit:

    # Hrs Toward Prof. Cert. (if any): 0 Qualification Method: Course compl. w/specified grade