• ACT test offered to 2020-21 seniors in October 

    It’s important to note that many colleges and universities may not be requiring a standardized assessment score as part of their admissions process this fall given circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students should contact their post-secondary institutions of interest for specific modifications to the admission requirements they may have.

    Next year's juniors will be given the opportunity to take a district-paid ACT test during the school day in the spring of 2021, as has been district practice.


    A few considerations: 

    • The ACT opens a mountain of opportunities. It’s part of the admission process at colleges throughout the country, especially those in the Midwest.
    • The test is real, you should prepare for it just like any other standardized test. 
    • Resources, including Naviance and the ACT website, are available to help you prepare. Please ask your counselor for more information.