• 2018 CPHS Team
    The CPOMG Mountain Bike Team is for 7th grade through 12th grade middle school and High school students (boys and girls) in Champlin, Osseo, and Maple Grove.  This is not a Minnesota State High School League sanctioned sport and is operated as a club and supported by a small parent founded booster club.  Team fees go toward insurance, race fees, and jerseys.  Booster club fees go toward supplies and equipment for the team.  Races are run by http://www.minnesotamtb.org/
    **E-mail info@cpomg.org for more information!
    **Additional information can be found on the official team website CLICK HERE
    Booster Club President
    Tracie Kapaun
    Head Coach
    Jeff Nelson
    CPHS Advisor
    Holly Binger
    Mathew Mattson
    Champlin Park High School
    Contact Tracie Kapaun for questions about the Booster Club at cpomgmtb@gmail.com