• Welcome to the Question Bank!


       I created this site because I wanted to give people a chance to ask questions. Specifically, questions that can be answered using science and engineering skills. This just means that the questions need to be testable via experimentation (scientific ones) or can be answered by meeting specific design criteria (engineering ones). If you have ever wondered about something, but haven’t had the time to find the answer yourself, then this is the place for you. Along with getting your questions out there, you will also be helping out my students.

    My students are Honors students and the Honors part of the course is that they have to do a science or engineering project where they answer a question. Finding a topic for the project is always the toughest part and your questions will help my students out with that.


    Here is how this will work:

    1. You submit questions that you are curious about.

    2. My students look over the questions and, if they find ones they like, they attempt to find the answers to them.

    3. We share the answers to your questions with you.


    Pretty simple, right?! Thank you for being curious about the world around you and thank you for helping out my students! I look forward to seeing the types of questions that you enter. To help you out, here are a few examples of the types of questions that work:


    Questions that work:

    “Do I get a better workout when I listen to music?”

    “How much am I distracted if I text while I drive?”

    “Can I build a working catapult just using common office supplies?”