• Attending a college fair is a great way to research schools as well as demonstrate interest in schools.

    Students in all grade levels are encouraged to attend the fairs.

    • Grade 9 - Find out what it takes to be career and college ready
    • Grade 10 - Find colleges that offer majors you are interested in and compare the schools
    • Grade 11 - Identify what you are looking for in a school and ask targeted questions to discover schools that best fit you
    • Grade 12 - Touch base with reps from schools you applied to or if you have not yet applied--meet with reps to find the schools you are interested in applying to 

    There are several different college fairs in the Twin Cities area.  More information about each fair can be found below

    Champlin Park High School will host a college fair on Monday, February 24, 2020 from 8:00-9:30am in the field house.   Check with your student for the exact time. There will be over 100 colleges representing 2 and 4 year colleges. To save time at the college fair, students should go to www.gotocollegefairs.com and preregister.  By printing the bar code and bringing it with to the college fair students will be able to have colleges scan this to request information. They can also access their code on their smart phone. 
    For a list of colleges TBD
    For a list of questions to ask at the college fair or while visiting college campuses click here:  List of questions