• Major Outcomes:
    • Create Word documents using: table of contents, watermarks, lists, and tables
    • Create Excel documents using: financial functions, data tables, amortization schedules, integrated charts, working with multiple Excel worksheets and workbooks
    • Create PowerPoint presentations using: themes, animation, and transitions
    • Create Access files for data management
    Projects, Activities, etc.: Use Microsoft Office basic and advanced features to obtain jobreadiness skills in word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, and file management.
    Instructional Focus: Hands-on computerized activities. These skills are essential for success in college and in the career world.
    Co-curricular Connection: BPA, DECA 

    Articulated Credit:
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    College Credit: Students must meet a 85% benchmark throughout the secondary trimester course to earn an articulated credit

    Credit Recommendation: 3 credit semester hours in Introduction to Business (BUSN 1101), (BUSN 1000), or (BUSN 1105)

    List of Cooperating Colleges: Click Here

    For actual course documents, please go to the Champlin Park Moodle site for Computer Apps.