• Syllabus 2019 - 2020

    Champlin Park High School / Anoka Hennepin District # 11Driver Education Syllabus

    [Coach/Mr. Bill Maresh, B129, bill.maresh@ahschools.us]

          Classroom Goals:

    • Fulfill Minnesota requirements for obtaining a learner’s permit
    • Save lives through development of safe driving practices and defensive driving techniques
    • Teach Minnesota Traffic Safety Laws &Regulation
    • Students will become safe and efficient users of the highway transportation system

    -Students will practice and improve on academic skills (graduation tests, school achievement, reading, algebra, 

       and physics, and English).

          Classroom Policies:

    • All school policies are adhered to in this classroom and help sessions are available for all students.

       -All students and staff will model the core values: respect, responsibility, appreciation of diversity, integrity and


          Attendance Policy:

    • Students need to be in class on time. School tardy policies will be followed
    • A student must complete the District required computer assisted portion of this class

          Student Expectations:

    - Come to class prepared. Students must do their own work.  Cheating or Copying is not permitted.  

               - Black Pen and pencil, highlighter suggested

    - Manual and study guide each day

    - Mature social and psychological behavior is expected

    - Driver Education Folder with loose leaf paper


          Qualifying for the Permit Test:

    1) Students must be at least 15 years old on the day of the test.

    2) All course work and computer simulation must be completed prior to the permit test.

    3) The student must be enrolled in Behind the Wheel Instruction ($185: Payment now is on-line)

    4) The student must have proper ID (Primary and Secondary Identification) on the day of the Permit Test.

    5) Students parent/guardian must turn in permission/parent contract before taking the permit test.


          Grading Policy:

                                          B+       87-89%                        C+       77-79%                        D+       67-69%

    A           94-100%          B         84-86%                        C         74-76%                        D         64-66%

    A-         90-93%            B-        80-83%                        C-        70-73%                        D-        60-63%


    Formative Work:

    5=Exceptional [100%]

    4=Distinguished/Advanced [95%]

    3=Competent/Proficient [85%]

    2=Emerging/Developing [75%],

    1=Beginning/Novice [65%]

    0=Not yet/Insufficient Evidence [50%].


    Driver Education is transitioning to standards-based grading. This means we are beginning to create a clear

                  pathway to high-quality grading and reporting practices focused on learning. This will create a culture

                  that empowers all learners. This will make grading a rich communication tool for students, families,

                  and educators.


          Total points earned determine grades. Points are earned through:


    Formative Assessments [study guide, etc…]                 5%

    Common Summative Assessment (CSA)                    10%

    Summative Assessments [chapter tests, etc…]            85%



    The role of formative work


    Formative work is practice.  Practice (formative) work is critical, as it allows us to provide feedback to the student prior to performance tasks (summative assessments).  Due to the importance of this type of work in the learning process, we are looking for (and assessing) the quality of your work rather than mere completion.  Performance tasks (summative) measure your level of mastery as a learner. To be eligible to take a summative assessment Students will need to show they are prepared be mastering their formative assessments.


    Procedure for relearning and reassessment


    Because of the requirements with formative assessments, re-assessment of a summative test will be rare. However, if you do not reach proficiency on any performance (summative) task, you have the opportunity for re-learning. To take advantage of this opportunity, all formative assessment must be completed prior to taking a summative exam and completion of a Re-Learning Reflection and conference with your teacher will be required. Then, schedule a time to try again. Because we will continue to introduce new practice tasks in class, complete your re-learning as soon as you can!


    Re-learning activities may include completing all assigned practice (formative) work, completing alternative practice (formative) work, and/or additional time with your teacher.


    Please note:  You may not re-take the district CSA.


    Student Responsibilities:

    • The first attempt is important. The effort you make on your first attempt may impact your opportunity for learning/re-assessing.
    • Complete the required and necessary relearning steps in order to reassess. This may mean additional time with the teacher before or after school, additional practice work, or other interventions.
    • Communicate as soon as possible after the assessment that you would like to reassess parts or all of the summative assessment.
    • The student is the advocate for the re-learning.



    Cell Phones and Electronic Devices


    To help students manage their personal technology responsibly (and to prevent it from interfering with the very important work we do in this class), at times students will be required to place their phones in the “Cell Station”.  Students will be able to charge their devices during class. If students access their phones or electronic devices when required to have them placed in the “Cell Station”, REGARDLESS OF THE INTENT OR LENGTH OF TIME, they are in violation of this classroom expectation and will have their phones confiscated (either for the hour or for the rest of the school day, depending on the severity of the infraction).  They also may be assigned additional consequences and/or referred to the office.


            Substitute Teachers


    All substitute teachers will be treated with respect.  Please remember that any work they ask you to complete is from ME, not them.  Any consequences for misbehavior are DOUBLED if they result in class disruption when a substitute teacher is present.