• Overview 

    During the summer months, our route coordinators and bus companies are gathering all necessary student information to assemble the safest and most efficient bus routes possible.  Bus companies and school district staff are also working to hire bus drivers and replace outdated vehicles.  It is a busy time as we prepare for the upcoming school year.
    • Bus route information for the 2019-20 school year will be available on August 22, 2019 through A-HConnect (follow these step-by-step directions). Bus cards will be mailed on that day and should begin arriving at homes on August 25, 26 and 27.
    • If your child is attending a daycare before and/or after school, please complete the “Alternate Stops/Day Care” form. 
    • If you reside outside of your child’s school attendance boundary and wish to present your child at an existing bus stop within that attendance boundary, please complete the “Out of District/Out of Attendance Area” form. 
    • Our department works very hard at placing bus stops at a safe central point for students to board and/or disembark the school bus. If, once you receive your bus card and you wish to request a stop change, please complete the “Route Change Request” form. 
    • If you are new to the school district and do not know what school your child attends, please follow the link to "Routes, boundaries and walking paths." 


    School district staff, along with our bus company partners, are working very hard this summer to make it a safe, successful and smooth school startup.

  • School Bus Safety: Be Ready for the Ride

    The Department of Public Safety and the State Patrol are excited to announce the release of our School Bus Safety: Be Ready for the Ride training video. This video can be used to supplement the annual school bus safety training requirements outlined in MN State Statute 123B.90 or as a general reminder to students.

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