• Future Leaders program overview

    The Future Leaders program is two-pronged. High school students will be matched with elementary students, who are identified by their classroom teacher as needing an extra service. These high school students will help support and strengthen elementary student skills in the areas of reading, writing and math. The goal is to increase the academic and social achievement by developing study habits, mentoring, empowering students with positive communication skills, conflict resolution and offering a variety of social/emotional extra-curricular enrichment activities.

    At the same time, high school leaders will be learning the value of employment, how to apply for a job, interviews, work with student achievement advisors (SAAs) and principals. Students will experience teaching elementary students. The goal is to help high school students prepare for careers in education, enabling Anoka-Hennepin to recruit and hire more teachers of color. High school students will be trained to support elementary students in reading, math and writing as well as listening and responding to the emotional needs of the students.


    The Future Leaders program is in partnership with by Anoka County Job Training Services (Youth Program) and Adventures Plus School-Age Care.
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