• Program: Let's talk multiculturalism in the classroom (LTMC)

    The Let's Talk Multiculturalism in the Classroom program educates students and staff on understanding cultural similarities and differences, identifying strategies to counteract discrimination, stereotypes, bullying, and racism, developing critical thinking skills, and understanding the school district core values. 

    Educating for character - Anoka Hennepin core values:

    • Respect - To show consideration for self, others and property.
    • Responsibility - To carry out obligations in a dependable manner; to acknowledge the consequences and rewards of one's choices; to contribute to society.
    • Integrity - To display honesty, perseverance, confidence and pride, trustworthiness, and the courage of one's convictions.
    • Compassion - to show empathy, generosity, kindness, patience and sensitivity.
    • Appreciation of Diversity - To recognize and honor the dignity of each individual; to celebrate difference among culture, gender, ability; to work cooperatively with others and to resolve conflicts.
  • Program: Men's and women's groups

    The goal of each group is to empower students. SAAs mentor, support, build students' self-esteem, provide encouragement and safe interaction with peers, offer decision-making tools, a voice, and respect. 

    The curriculum specifically addresses topics such as:

    • Self-esteem/identity
    • Perceptions
    • Making choices
    • Tolerance
    • Service learning

    The group meets once per week and is directed by the school's SAA. The students are selected through teacher/staff referrals and by the SAA.

    Students reported positive feelings about being in a men’s/women’s group. Specifically they indicated personal growth, feeling comfortable in the group, and a better understanding of themselves and others as a result of being in the group. (Reports taken from end of the year surveys).

    Please contact your school's SAA if you would like more information about these groups.

  • Program: Multicultural group

    Multicultural group provides students from all backgrounds the opportunity for a shared experience. The goal
    ofthe program is to increase student understanding, awareness, and knowledge about diversity by allowing
    diverse students the opportunity to work with each other on projects and activities in a group setting.  

    Middle school and high school forums provide opportunities for students to voice and discuss the climate
    of their school. 
  • Program: Student voices

    Students come together from six Anoka-Hennepin high schools (Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Champlin Park,
    Coon Rapids, and Anoka-Hennepin Regional). They participate in activities and discussion around diversity, social justice and equity issues that impact them and their communities. These students become strong
    leaders with powerful voices.

  • Program: Transitions

    The Transitions program is a new student program designed to assist incoming students with academic and social achievement. The focus of the program is to provide support through individual and group check-ins. 
    SAA can help to address:
    • Orientation of school
    • School policies
    • School culture
    • Connections with teachers and staff
    • Academic progress
    • Extracurricular activities, sports, fine arts and clubs
    • Scholarships
    • Social, making friends