• Grading Procedures:  Students will be graded based upon the following criteria and expectations:

    A.  Written Tests & Playing Assessments (50%)

    During the term there will be playing tests.  This may be done individually and/or in an ensemble.  Each term will have written tests.  These tests may cover any of the materials or work done in class.

    B.  Preparation, Participation and Rehearsal Etiquette (10%)

    Preparation, Participation and Rehearsal Etiquette does not always address how “well” a student actually plays their instrument.  However, in band class the musical process greatly impacts the musical product.  In other words, we only perform as well as we rehearse.
         Readiness (on time for class, comes prepared for rehearsals, ready to begin at start of class)
         Attention (listens, ready to play, eyes are up and on the director, knows where we are in music)
         Participation (plays, answers questions when asked, tries new music concepts when introduced, proper posture)

    Courtesy (considerate of others, respects school and individual property)

    C.  Concert Performances (10%)
    Attendance -  Because concerts are an extension and culmination of what we do in class, attendance at all concerts for the entire concert is mandatory.

    Etiquette -  Also taken into consideration will be concert etiquette, both as a performer and an audience member.

    Readiness -  Arrives 30 minutes before concert, has all materials.

    D.   Written Work (20%)

    The focus of your written work will be musical growth, creativity, insight, critical thinking, problem solving, and verbalization. Written work may contain the following:  Week In Review, Repertoire Lists, Vocabulary Lists, Concert Performance Critiques, Composer Biography, Repertoire Analysis, Listening Exercises, and Reading/Writing Exercises.

    E.   End of Trimester Common Assessment (10%)

    Each trimester will culminate with a common assessment.  It may be a combination of performing alone, with others, or written assessments.