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Superintendent McIntyre holds roundtable discussion with Andover High School students

Andover High School students visit with Superintendent Cory McIntyre during student roundtable discussion(01/19/2024) On Jan. 16, Anoka-Hennepin Superintendent Cory McIntyre visited with students from Andover High School (AndHS) for the fourth of several scheduled student roundtable discussions throughout the district.

Superintendent McIntyre values student voice in the decision-making process and ensures the district provides a safe, welcoming, positive school environment. 

During the hour-long sessions, McIntyre and other school district administrators aim to gather student perspectives on the high school experience. View photos from the AndHS superintendent roundtable discussion

“It was eye-opening to see other student's opinions and thoughts,” said Chloe Cho, a ninth grade student at AndHS. “I found it very helpful to have these sessions because it shows that they care about students and that they are trying to make a difference.”

Students shared what they thought was unique or special about their school and felt as if there was a strong sense of community and support. Students also shared that they felt that the school building itself was of high quality and it was appreciated and that everyone in the school community has high expectations for one another. 

There were also discussions about student groups, clubs, and activities and how students are generally accepting of each other’s differences.

Some students expressed their experience as new students to the school and how it was difficult for them to learn how to navigate the large building and also feel connected to the school community. One solution that was offered by the students was to create a group of peer students to help new students acclimate to the school. 

School board director Matt Audette; Dr. Josh Delich, associate superintendent for high schools; and AndHS principal Tim Feine also attended the student roundtable discussion to hear from students. 

The discussion was guided by questions from McIntyre and included time for students to ask questions and learn more about how the district operates and how decisions are made. 

“It was really meaningful to have leaders in the district listen to us as students,” Cho said. “Students may have entered this discussion not knowing that they are supported by the leaders, but this showed me that isn’t the case and I am going to share with my friends after being here today, that they do care and they will listen to students.”

Superintendent McIntyre has met with students from Anoka, Blaine and Coon Rapids high schools and will attend events at Champlin Park, Sandburg Regional and Anoka-Hennepin Technical high schools, the COMPASS program and the Secondary Technical Education Program (STEP).