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    Name: Sieglinde Grivna
    Teaching Assignment: IB Music

    Academic Degrees/Location:
    BA in Music, College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN
    Master's of Arts in Differentiated Instruction, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN


    Recipient of "The Great Educatiors 2012 Award", sponsored by Paperclip Publishing

    Why I love teaching my IB course: I have the best kids at Champlin Park! :) I love their radomness, their creativity, and their brillance. If a student is going to study music in college, there really is no better music prep course than this.

    What I hear from past graduates who took my course: They have appreciated what they learned in IB Music. They have either been able to test out of classes or earn elective credits. One of my students who is going into music education used our IB class activities for her practicum work.

    The best piece of academic advice to students: Stick with it! It makes college easier.

    Favorite things to do besides teaching IB classes:
    Spending time with family and friends, Playing clarinet in a community band, Sewing, Reading, Crafting.
    Teacher Profile
    Name: John Holzhaeuser
    Teaching Assignment: IB Business & Management

    Academic Degrees/Location:
    B.S. Comprehensive Business Education--University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire
    M.E.D. Education, St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN

    Why I love teaching my IB course: I think the content is very practical. The concepts and ideas I teach are things students can use right now.

    What I hear from past graduates who took my course: I hear how surprised they are that what we talk about is class is what they see in college

    The best piece of academic advice to students: Be Great!

    Favorite thing to do besides teaching IB classes:

    Football--everything to do with it, Spending time with family, Remodeling.  

    Teacher Profile
    Name: Michelle Weise
    Teaching Assignment: IB Psychology

    Academic Degrees/Location:
    Augsburg - Political Science/English
    St. Mary's - Masters in Education
    U of M, Twin Cities - Psych

    Why I love teaching my IB course:
    The students make me laugh every day and I get to share my passion for learning and they get it.

    What I hear from past graduates who took my course:
    College Psych is just like IB Psych.
    I learned more in IB Psych than I do in my college classes.

    The best academic piece of advice to students:
    Proper prior planning prevents poor performance!

    Favorite thing to do besides teaching IB classes:
    Spend time with my husband and my two sons.

    Teacher Profile

    Scott Wertsch


    Teaching Assignment:

    TOK (Theory of Knowledge)

    Academic Degrees/Location:

    UMN - Twin Cities: BS History, BA English, MA English Education

    Why I love teaching my IB course:

    Because it is unpredictable for both the kids and myself

    Teacher Profile
    Jon Wynia

    I have a B.A. in Art Studio with and art history emphasis, and a B.A. K-12 art Education from Bether College.
    Why you love teaching IB:
    I love teaching IB art because I think it's the most authentic form of student  and teacher interaction in art.  As the student develops their individualized IB portfolio they are truly able to investigate the art topics that interest them most and relate them back to their personal style and aesthetic.
    What you hear people say after they’ve taken your course:
    While the IB art program is very new I feel like my IB students so far are expressing an appreciation to be able to more freely explore the art forms that interest them most.
    Favorite thing to do besides teach IB:
    Outside of teaching I enjor coaching and outdoor activities that might involve running, biking or boating.  I particulartly enjoy doing this with my wife and three children.