• Check your progress on Learning Management System (LMS):
    • Click on My License Info (on the sidebar)
    • Scroll down to Renewal Requirements
    • Next to each requirement will be a box indicating YES or NO
    Review your coursework:
    • Click on HOME (on the sidebar)
    • Click on Portfolio  (straight right from the HOME tab)


    What if Learning Management System (LMS) is incomplete?
    It's possible that you've taken workshop sessions that meet the state requirements that are not indicated in the Learning Management System. No worries - we can fix that. Just follow these steps:

    1. Contact the presenter or district organizer of the workshop session.

    2. Ask the presenter or district organizer to send to the Continuing Education Committee (ESC):
    • Title of session
    • Date of session
    • Which state requirement(s) you feel the session fulfills
    • Length of session
    • Agenda or list of topics covered
    • A short statement how the workshop met the requirement

      If the Continuing Education Committee determines the session fulfills the requirement, the Learning Management System (LMS) records of those attending the session will be updated. Please note: Due to the limitations of Learning Management System (LMS), records may not be updated until summer.