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    Problem 12:

    At Open House, 4 students each brought in a pack of pencils.  Each pack has 6 pencils.
    How many pencils did the students bring to school? 
    At Open House, some students brought packs of pencils.  Each pack had 6 pencils.  There were 30 pencils.  How many packs did the students bring?    
    At Open House, 3 students each brought in one pack of pencils.  There were 30 pencils. 
    How many pencils were in each pack if each pack had the same number of pencils?        

  • Open house
  • Parent Tip:


    Does it seem crazy to offer kindergarteners and first graders multiplication and division problems?  Research shows that most young kids can solve these problems as long as they are in a story.  We are not asking them to memorize facts here.  Giving our young learners problems like this encourages reasoning!

    If needed, offer materials such as cheerios, straws, or drawings to help represent the problem.