• Purpose of the Indian Education Program 

    Since its beginning in the 1973-74 school year, the Anoka-Hennepin Indian Education program has focused on the educational needs of American Indian students.

    It's purpose is to encourage and inspire the academic achievement, social and emotional development, and cultural awareness of our American Indian students; to serve as a resource to review and recommend accurate curriculum; and to promote cultural diversity between community, staff and students.

    2017-18 Theme/quote:

    "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it" -- William Arthur Ward (American Writer)

  • Academic Advisement

    Advisors meet with students at their schools. Short group pull-out sessions are scheduled throughout the school year to help students achieve a greater level of success. One-on-one pull-out sessions are scheduled for students participating in the Check and Connect intervention, or as requested by parents and/or students. Advisors monitor attendance, grades, testing results, behavior, and course load. They provide post-secondary planning and career advisement at the high school level. Advisors work closely with parents/guardians, teachers, school staff, and administration to ensure students are getting the best experience possible.


    • Advocacy Between Home and School
    • Liaison to District Personnel
    • One-to-One Counseling
    • Check & Connect Mentoring
    • Special Education
    • Track Grades and Attendance
    • Tutoring Scholarships
    • Career Planning
    • College Prep and Scholarship Application Assistance
    • Information and Referral to Social Agencies
  • Cultural Advisement

    One of the goals of our Indian Education program is to increase cultural awareness and knowledge of our student's American Indian Heritage. We strive to instill pride in our students and the belief that the generations before them had value, and contributed to the world they now live in. Advisors create opportunities for students to learn about their culture through community events, field trips, and K-12 lesson plans that they develop each year. 

  • Student Activities/Community Events

    To meet our cultural and academic goals Anoka-Hennepin Indian Education organizes multiple student activities and community events throughout the year, including but not limited to: 
    • Cultural Activities
    • College Visits
    • Field Trips
    • Picnics
    • Scholarship Night
    • Senior Honoring
    • Trimester Celebrations

    For more details on upcoming events, please view the events page

  • 2016-2017 Art Contest Winners!
    Theme: Water is Life
    High School:
    1st place: Amber Osterkamp, 11th grade, CRHS   ARTWORK: Water Wolf (image 1)
        Wolves are one of the most resilient creates in our country and therefore represents life and living. Water is a gift that was given to us, without which we could not   survive. I have painted this wold in shades of blue, which represents the water which allows us to live. 
    2nd place: Naomi Herman, 10th grade, AHS         ARTWORK: Untitled (image 2)
          I believe that water is life because it keeps us healthy. Having clean water means having healthy families and a healthy future. The child's hand represents the   future or future generations. The hand made of water represents how important water is since we use it as a "power source" to power our bodies and to keep us   healthy.  
    1st place: Hannah Helmer, 3rd grade, Johnsville   ARTWORK: Water is Life (image 3)
       I did this picture because water gives life to people. animals, and plants. So I showed people, animals, and plants getting the water they need. 
    Middle School: No Participants