• Tier 1:  Core Instructional Interventions 

    The primary level of support is the level at which all students receive high quality instruction in the core curriculum of the school. According to the  National Center on Response to Intervention (March 2010), the primary level of support should include:  
    • A core curriculum that is research-based
    • Instructional practices that are culturally and linguistically responsive
    • Universal screening to determine students’ current level of performance
    • Differentiated learning activities (e.g., mixed instructional grouping, use of learning centers, peer tutoring) to address individual needs
    • Accommodations to ensure all students have access to the instructional program
    • Problem solving to identify interventions, as needed, to address behavior problems that prevent students from demonstrating the academic skills they possess 

    Students who require interventions due to learning difficulties continue to receive instruction in the core curriculum. 


    Anoka-Hennepin's Core Curriculum for K-3 Literacy - Click on the grade levels for more information.

    Integrated Language Arts- Reading

    Integrated Language Arts- Writing