• Tier 2 - Group interventions

    If students struggle in Tier 1 instruction, they may receive increasingly intensive instruction at the Tier 2 level. Tier 2 support typically involves additional, small group instruction multiple times per week that matches their need on the basis of levels of performance and rates of progress.  Key characteristics of interventions used at the Tier 2 level of support include evidence based, adult-led small group instruction and clearly articulated, validated intervention, adhered to with fidelity (National Center on Response to Intervention, March 2010)
    Wonders Tier II Reading Interventions
    Classroom teachers, as well as support teachers, provide skills-based, Tier 2 intervention and remedial support to students who demonstrate the need. These small group interventions offer students additional instruction and practice so that they can successfully acquire the foundational skills in the MN Academic Standards necessary for reading and writing. Interventions are typically 10-15 minutes in length and occur multiple days per week.  
    WonderWorks Reading Interventions
    WonderWorks is a comprehensive reading intervention that is closely connected to Wonders, the district literacy curriculum. Students will discuss the same Essential Question, topic, skills and strategies that they learned from their classroom teacher, but in a small group setting and at a lower reading level. Each lesson includes foundational skills and strategies that will help struggling readers learn to read, be more successful in their classroom, and to accelerate students up to grade level. Interventions are typically 30 minutes in length and occur multiple days per week.