•  Observation Cycles

    The observation cycles listed below were developed to meet the requirements set forth in the Minnesota Teacher Development and Evaluation law (MN statute 122A.40).
    Teachers are observed and evaluated each year on a three year cycle.
    Summaries of each type of cycle are below. Click on one of the cycles for more detailed information.

     High Cycle


    Low Cycle


    Probationary Cycle

    Every third year, staff in the teacher bargaining unit are considered to be in the "High Cycle" of evaluation.
    During this year, staff members will be observed twice by an administrator and once by a peer evaluator or peer of choice.
     For two of the three years of the cycle, teaching staff will be a part of the Q Comp process.
    Three total observations are completed, two conducted by a peer evaluator, one conducted by a peer of choice. 
    Teaching staff in their first three years of employment or first year in the district are considered probationary.
    Probationary staff members are observed three times each year by an administrator.
    Important Dates for 2019-20:
    Due Dates
    (PAS with Admin.)
    High Cycle
    (PAS with Admin.)
    Low Cycle
    (Q-Comp with PE) 
    Observation 1
    October 15 November 15
     End of Trimester 1
    Observation 2
    January 15  February 15
     End of Trimester 2
    Observation 3
    March 15   April 15  May 15
    SAG Submission 
    (Form SAG) 
    February 28   March 31  March 31
    SAG Results 
    (Form SAGR) 
    March 31 May 15  May 15
    Final Payout

    SAG and Observation - June 12, 2020  

    Site Goal- July 31, 2020