• Accounting

    The role of the department is to perform accounting processes and controls with accuracy and completeness in addition to providing customer service. The accounting department consists of an accounting supervisor, accountant, financial data specialist and five office professionals. 


    Who to call in accounting

    Briana Volkers, Accounting Manager: 763-506-1042 - Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, New Vendor Applications, System of Award Management (SAM), Scholarships

    Vicki Johnson, Financial Data Specialist: 763-506-1039 - Banking Activity, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Support, General Ledger inquiries, MN Sales and Use Tax, Scholarship inquiries.

    Accounts Payable (Non-Purchase Orders; contact Purchasing if PO related) - Direct Vendor Payments, Vouchers, Vendor Maintenance, Employee Mileage and Reimbursements:

    • A-G:  Carolyn Ballstadt - 763-506-1043
    • H-O:  Marianna Plastun - 763-506-1041
    • P-Z:   Francisca Elicabeth - 763-506-1044 

    Accounts Receivable, Jennifer Heem: 763-506-1047 - School deposit tickets, Endorsement stamps, Jury duty, Substitute Reimbursements



    For a full collection of accounting documents, visit the Document Center.