• Insurance

    All new employees, please read the following: New employees are required to attend an orientation/benefits meeting and enroll in insurance within 30 days of your benefit-eligible start date.  The purpose of our orientation/benefit meeting is to provide a basic orientation, give detailed information about our insurance/benefits, and review our enrollment process.  New employees who are not benefit-eligible need only attend the first portion of the meeting pertaining to orientation.  The insurance enrollment process must be completed within 30 calendar days from your official (benefit-eligible) start date. 

    Please note: Once you enroll in your insurance, it will become effective (or retroactive) as of your benefit-eligible start date.  Not enrolling in the insurance options within 30 days of eligibility forfeits your rights to district insurance for the current school/insurance year with the exception of a qualifying life event.  Attendance is required, even if you are waiving/declining insurance benefits. Waiver form(s) need to be signed and submitted to the insurance department, in addition to indicating this on Worklife (our electronic enrollment system).