• Research, evaluation and testing

    Research, Evaluation and Testing (RET) oversees district accountability and works to maintain integrity in our data and our decisions. In doing so, we promote data-informed and results-driven practices, striving toward maximum achievement for all students through a continuous improvement approach. In addition, we implement and facilitate the accessibility, understandability and use of data to better meet the individual needs of each student and thereby, closing the gap in achievement between student groups.

    Our department is committed to improving student achievement through gathering, analyzing and interpreting perception, performance, program and demographic data. We are also committed to maintaining effective communication and working collaboratively with others to achieve the mission and vision of the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

    RET provides assistance and support to measure the effectiveness of a variety of district programs to determine which programs and processes are getting the desired outcomes. Our department serves as the clearinghouse for all research and evaluation, including district-wide data collection efforts. As part of our role, we conduct internal studies on select district initiatives and administer multiple surveys to gather a variety of stakeholder perceptions of numerous topics. We also provide expertise and support in determining appropriate measurement metrics and creating data collection tools such as surveys, observation forms, and interview/focus group protocols.

    The department coordinates districtwide testing, including state and national standardized assessments, given in Anoka-Hennepin for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Along with handling the distribution and collection of secure test materials, RET maintains test records, communicates test results to parents/guardians, students and staff, and provide analysis to teachers, principals and district leadership. RET also collaborates with state agencies such as the Minnesota Department of Education related to assessment and accountability, including ensuring compliance with state and federal legislative mandates regarding testing and connected topics.

District and state testing

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  • COVID-19 effects

  • Test preparation suggestions for parents/guardians and teachers

  • Parent/guardian guide and refusal for student participation in statewide testing

  • Why statewide test results matter

Why statewide test results matter FAQ

  • What are statewide tests?

  • How are statewide testing data used?

  • What is test score validity and why is it important?

  • What are examples of actions that threaten test score validity?

  • What are the consequences of cheating?

  • How can cheating be prevented?

  • What happens when educator misconduct on statewide tests is suspected or confirmed?

  • What is the process for reporting suspected violations of test security protocols?


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