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    The communication and public relations department promotes communication as a vehicle to build trust with Anoka-Hennepin communities, confidence in the district and its schools, and support for providing a high quality education for all students. All district employees, regardless of their job, share a role in communicating information about the district and/or their school as they interact with students, parents/guardians and others. The communication and public relations department provides support and information to employees so they can be more effective in their role as communicators.

    As a public institution, Anoka-Hennepin is also accountable to parents/guardians and other citizens, informing them about their investment in public education and seeking their insight on helping the school district deliver high quality educational programs that meet the needs of its students and communities.


    What is school public relations?

    "Education public relations is a planned, systematic management function, designed to help improve the programs and services of an educational organization. It relies on a comprehensice, two-way communication provess involving both internal and external publics with the goal of stimulating better understanding of the role, objectives, accomplishments, and needs of the organization. Educational public relations programs assist in interpeting public attitudes, identify and help shape policies and procedures in the public interest, and carry on involvement and information activities which earn public support and understanding." Source: National School Public Relations Association, "New Standards for the School Public Relations Profession," 2002


    Best practices

    For best practices on AHlert/Blackboard mass notification, website, e-newsletter, social media and more visit ahschools.us/BestPractices.

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    Anoka-Hennepin's staff e-newsletter, In the Know, is sent every week during the school year as a way to keep staff informed of the news affecting the district and its employees. 

    In the Know is chock-full of district news, links to events and district publications. Each issue is sent in HTML format and features colorful graphics and photos.

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    Check out the archived staff e-newsletter issues and articles from 2003-summer 2023 via Google Drive.

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