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    Staff Wellness Program



    Employees of the Anoka-Hennepin School District will value a healthy lifestyle and will make choices that demonstrate their desire for wellness.


    To promote and support employee wellness. Being healthy and happy is something that all Anoka-Hennepin employees and their families deserve. The staff wellness program, Where Wellness Matters, created by the district's Wellness Steering Committee, is devoted to helping achieve this goal. You are welcome to participate in various ways through district-sponsored wellness. Each building has identified a Wellness Champion (wellness contact) to help serve as a resource. Let's work together in bringing continued health and happiness to our Anoka-Hennepin team!

    Building Wellness Champion

    Each building has a wellness champion to promote health and wellness at your site. Did you know that each building in our district can apply for a $750 mini grant to be used toward wellness initiatives? Check with your building to find out who your wellness champion is.


      Wellness Calendar

      • Check out the Wellness Calendar each month to join the Where Wellness Matters committee in taking daily action to live well, lead well and learn well! The May calendar is focused on the motto: Live well, lead well, learn well. [Click the image of the calendar to view larger or download. Must be logged into your Anoka-Hennepin account to access.]

        May 2023 calendar


      Classes & Activities

      Monthly Update

      • [May 2023]

        We have made it to May! Back in August we were all encouraged to to “Live well, lead well, and learn well” during this academic year. As with most sentiments, this may have meant different things, or meant a different focus for each of us. After some reflection, it seems like improving one area inevitably means another was changed for the better as well. Regardless of which areas of personal or professional growth you focused on this year, it is important to remember that “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” (Confucius)

        Stay focused on growing and developing those things that you hold valuable in your life. No matter our position, age, circumstances or station in life, we are all being called to the next step, next purpose, or next calling. Knowing that will encourage us all to continue honing our skills and broadening our understanding of the world around us. 

        As this is our final “wellness” email for the 2022-23 school year we would like to add one more thought to the theme “Live well, lead well, learn well:” We hope you will also “BE well,” resting in the knowledge that you served the families of our community to the best of your ability this academic year. Thank you for all you do to support our community and to help the next generation grow into the leaders of tomorrow.
        Additional resources:
        May Wellness Calendar

        UnitedHealthcare monthly engagement toolkit: Calming anxiety

        Rally Wellness Program
        Real Appeal, an online weight loss program
        Optum; Anoka-Hennepin’s Employee Assistance Program
        Self Care by AbleTo (self-help app- formerly Sanvello)


      • SupportingYoU: Employee Wellness Podcast

        SupportingYoU logoSupportingYoU, an employee wellness podcast, aims to provide teaching and school district staff with a library of resources to support employee health and mental wellness. Topics support student mental wellness, offer guidance around difficult conversations for teachers, and share important school climate themes with school administrators. This information could inform school support programming, curriculum, or school practices for teachers/staff and be available for listening at any time that is convenient. Go to ahschools.us/SupportingYou for more information. 


      UnitedHealthcare Resources

      • Rally, wellness program

      • Real Appeal®, an online weight loss program

      • Optum, the district's Employee Assistance Program

      • Self Care by AbleTo, self-help app (Formally Sanvello)

      Wellness Mini Grants

      • Who can apply for a wellness mini grant?

      • How much money can our building apply for?

      • How are the grants disbursed?

      • What have other buildings received grants for?

      • Is there a deadline?