• General counsel

    The purpose of the Office of General Counsel is to protect the School Board’s interests as it relates to legal matters and support the Superintendent and School District staff in serving the educational needs of students in a legally compliant manner. The Office of General Counsel supports the District’s vision of being a public school system of excellence, with high quality staff, and programs and successful graduates by fulfilling the following functions:

    • Implements comprehensive legal strategies that support the school district’s strategic priorities.
    • Manages the legal matters of the school district in a manner which allows our administrators and educators to remain focused on students and their achievement and needs.
      • Delivers accurate, responsive legal advice regarding legal, compliance, policy, and litigation matters within the school district.
      • Proactively operates as a thought partner before issues arise by providing legal review of policy and practices.
      • Identifies risk avoidance measures through the early identification of potential legal issues and strategic planning in consultation with school district staff.
      • Provides legal defense in dispute settlements and litigation brought against the school district.
      • Develops legal tools and resources for school leaders and staff.
    • Leads collective bargaining and labor negotiations.
    • Serves as the primary legal resource for all education, labor and employment matters. 
    • Serves as the Data Compliance Official for the school district. 

    The laws that govern public schools are complex and dynamic, including state and federal laws and rules that govern most aspects of school operations. Working together, the attorneys and school officials can ensure compliance with applicable laws and minimize the risk of litigation and liability to the District.

    The General Counsel’s legal duty and allegiance is to the full School Board, not individuals. The General Counsel is to use independent professional judgment and render candid advice to assist the district in reaching its organizational objectives. In rendering such advice, the General Counsel refers to the law, and other considerations including moral, economic, social, political and relevant external factors.


    Bargaining and policy group agreements

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