• Buildings and grounds

    Buildings and grounds is responsible for the Maintenance and Capital Improvement Projects for all buildings in the district. Our department is also responsible for areas like health and safety, indoor air quality, operations, and sites/grounds. 

    • Electronics and low voltage services: The electronics and low voltage services department handles the maintenance of building security systems, clock systems, P.A. systems, and voice and data wiring for the district, as well as providing technical support for buildings and grounds. The department consists of three technicians.
    • Carpenter shop: The carpenter shop does much of the woodworking projects you see in the buildings, such as countertops, cabinetry, and workstations. We have four carpenters that work in the district shop
    • Grounds crew: The grounds department is responsible for the care of all grounds in the district. Each season brings different duties such as landscaping, parking lot repairs, outdoor signage, athletic field maintenance, snow removal, and graduation set-up and take down at each high school. There are six full-time grounds crew members and one working supervisor.
    • Maintenance shop: The district maintenance shop is responsible for the general maintenance needed in the buildings, including A/C, pneumatics, electrical work, plumbing, sewer, and heating. We currently have nine maintenance specialists.

Frequently asked questions

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Health and safety

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