• Grade level and course information

    The elementary program is based on the belief that all children are valuable and unique individuals, capable of learning, and that children learn best when the home, school and community work together as a team.
    Our schools provide safe, nurturing and challenging environments in which children can acquire knowledge and skills, think critically and creatively, appreciate diversity and develop positive attitudes towards self and others.

    Philosophy of Elementary Programs

    We believe . . .  children are valuable and unique individuals capable of learning.
    Therefore we:

    • Develop an atmosphere for acceptance of all children.
    • Create an environment that respects and builds on student backgrounds, experiences, cultures, interests, achievements and personal strengths.

    We believe . . . children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually with individual patterns of growth.
    Therefore we:

    • Facilitate the education process so each child is actively engaged in meaningful learning.
    • Involve students in challenging activities with develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning, and collaboration.
    • Assess, evaluate and report individual growth.
    • Promote a love of learning in each child.

    We believe . . . children need to develop a foundation of skills and knowledge for independent learning.
    Therefore we:

    • Develop literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
    • Create situations in which children understand and apply mathematical concepts.
    • Identify and facilitate learning thorugh the child's unique strengths.

    We believe . . . children should be actively engaged in their learning.
    Therefore we:

    • Provide student centered learning so children have opportunities to make choices.
    • Designed integrated learning experiences.

    We believe . . . children learn best in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment.
    Therefore we:

    • Model and encourage the development of respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, and an appreciation of diversity in our schools.
    • Create opportunities for children to behave ethically, contribute to society, and make responsible decisions.
    • Provide a safe school setting.

    We believe . . . children are most successful when school, home, and community work as a team.
    Therefore we:

    • Establish an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
    • Communicate in a variety of effective ways.
    • Encourage and support family involvement through school, home, and community activities.
    • Promote partnerships which celebrate learning.
    • Provide families with information to help children build upon what is learned in school.