• High School Overview

    High school is an exciting time. It’s an opportunity for students to explore their interests as they plan for their life after graduation. Anoka-Hennepin's goal is that every student will experience success in the career path they choose.

    The registration guide will be very helpful in outlining the broad range of required and elective courses available. Please take the time to review the information.  It is highly encouraged that each student tries something new or challenging and to explore the possible career paths that are of interest while the student is still in school. Students can do that by taking a variety of courses and working hard in them. As the student plans their classes, they should talk about their choices over with their family and ask their teachers for advice. Students can also speak with their school counselor or school career and college specialist. 

    Each high school has dedicated staff who are happy to help students find the courses that are right for them. It may seem that adulthood is a long way off, but a student's school years will go by quickly and they need to make the most of the opportunities that Anoka-Hennepin provides.