• Long Term Disability Plan

    Anoka-Hennepin purchases for all full time benefit eligible employees a long term disability plan. Long-term disability insurance benefits may be available for insurance eligible employees who have been actively at work prior to being totally disabled for 90 consecutive calendar days. Accumulated sick leave for any duty days missed during the 90 day elimination period may be used. Beginning on the 91st day the employee will begin to accrue benefits at the rate of two-thirds of the annual base salary.

    The employee must apply for Social Security and/or PERA/TRA benefits; and, if eligible to receive benefits, the benefit under the school district plan will be reduced by an equivalent amount so the benefit does not exceed the two-thirds maximum. If eligible for the school district benefit, the employee will receive a benefit check about 120 days after the date of disability.

    The Anoka-Hennepin Labor Relations & Benefits - Insurance Department will send the required forms for LTD and information on continuation of health, dental and life benefits upon notification that a medical leave of absence will reach 90 days. Questions regarding long-term disability insurance may be directed to the Anoka-Hennepin Insurance Department at 763-506-1080.