• What does buildings and grounds do?

    Our department handles all the maintenance and capital improvement projects for all the buildings in the district. We are also responsible for areas such as, health and safety, indoor air quality, operations and sites/grounds.

    Are there any other departments within building and grounds?

    Yes. There are four sub-departments: audio visual repair, carpenter shop, maintenance and grounds departments.

    How many people work in the grounds department?

    There are six full time crew members and one working supervisor.

    What are some of the duties and job responsibilities of the grounds crew?

    Each season brings different jobs. During the growing season, they mow approximately 900 acres of turf. The spring and fall sports require about 800 field preparations and markings. They are responsible for graduation set up and take down at the four high schools, soon to be five; repair and maintenance of approximately 40 irrigation systems; and repair and maintenance of about 20 large mowers and the conversion of those mowers into snow removal machines in winter. They are also responsible for snow removal at five sites and application of salt/sand district wide, repair of playground equipment, tree trimming, installing outdoor signs, pot hole repair, and many other special requests that come up throughout the year.

    How many custodians work in the district?

    There are 155 full-time custodians. We also have 45 building supervisors, and 30 specialists in the warehouse, grounds, A/V, wood shop, and maintenance departments.

    Additionally, we have sub custodians who we call on an as-needed basis to fill in for our full-time employees.

    How many building supervisors are there?

    There are 43 building supervisors, one at each of our schools and main administrative buildings.

    Other than touch-up painting, how do we buy paint to paint classrooms?

    This would be a capital improvement project and must be requested by the principal of the building via email to the director of buildings and grounds.

    How does the process of ordering new cabinets from the woodshop work?

    You can call the woodshop and get cabinet pricing over the phone. If you need ideas or design assistance, one of the staff can come to your building and we will give you an estimate. Once you have decided to proceed with the project, you will need to submit a request via email to the director of buildings and grounds with a brief description, estimated cost, and budget code to which the project will be billed. Upon completion of the project, we will bill you actual costs, which will coincide with our estimate.

    When will my carpenter project be done?

    The woodshop works year round. Only a portion of the projects are completed over the summer months. Capital outlay projects generally are reviewed in the spring and all summer projects are identified. After school starts the remaining jobs are prioritized. All jobs for a particular year are completed before the next year’s jobs are started.

    How do you request a capital improvement project?

    Have the principal of the building email his/her building’s request to the director of buildings and grounds with a brief description and estimated cost. Please also see question no. eight.

    Is there a certain time frame for which capital improvement projects should be requested?

    For the most part, yes. Because of the large amount of schools that we have in our district, capital improvement projects are scheduled according to an odd/even cycle. Each building is assigned either odd or even status and their projects are done within the corresponding odd or even school year. Because of extensive planning that is needed for these capital projects, schools are required to submit their requests by April 1st, one year before their projects would be scheduled to begin. A reminder is sent out to the Principals letting them know when their projects are due. If you would like more information, please contact the building and grounds office. For high priority projects that come up during the school year, or during the building’s off year, please refer to question no. seven.

    Where can I review health and safety programs?

    You can review the following programs in the administration office and/or the building supervisor’s office at each of the buildings:
    • Asbestos Management Plan
    • Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
    • Employee Right-to-Know / Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)
    • Lock-out / Tag-out Program
    • Confined Space Program
    • Exposure Control Plan – Bloodborne Management Plan
    • Chemical Hygiene / Laboratory Safety Program 
    Other health and safety programs and associated information are available by contacting the district’s health and safety supervisor in the buildings and grounds office.

    How do I report an indoor air quality concern?

    Each school building in the district has a copy of the district’s indoor air quality management plan. The IAQ management plan is located in one of two places, either in the main office or in the building supervisor’s office.
    Fill out a copy of the level two indoor air quality concern form found in chapter 4, section 4.3. Use the space provided on the form to describe the nature of your concern and any potential causes. Give the indoor air quality concern form to the building administrator.
    For further information, contact the district’s indoor air quality coordinator at 763-506-1225, buildings and grounds department.