• The following are items you may see in a students gradebook for Physical Education.  An explanation for each is also included.  Please note that there are often two grades for each day of class.  These are to assess two different areas in the grading process.  Students will be graded on a 4-point daily scale that is standards-based. Their active engagement, personal/social responsibility, and motor skills will be graded on the ESPN scale. 
    AB = Absent  (Student was not in class: student needs to make this up) 
    MU = Absence Made Up (Student has handed in an acceptable make up sheet)
    XA = Student was excused from class physical activity
    EX = Excused Absence (student was excused from class)
    E= Excellent in the skill: 100%. 
    S = Satisfactory in the skill: 85%. 
    P = Progressing in the skill: 75%.
    N = Needs improvement in the skill: 65%. 
    JX = At school but not in Phy Ed class (student is at JMS, but has been pulled out for other reasons / students are excused for this time)
    MC = Modified Curriculum (student curriculum has been adjusted according to IEP or other plan)