• Probationary Teacher Resources


  • Q Comp

    Q Comp Website: information for instruction and observations


    • AHEP: Anoka-Hennepin Employee Performance System, where you enter all information for observations.
    • Deadlines: Due dates for all observations and Student Achievement Goals (SAG).
    • Instructional Tips: Strategies and resources for the 5 components of instruction:
      • Communicating Clearly and Accurately
      • Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
      • Engaging Students in Learning
      • Using Feedback and Assessment Techniques
      • Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness
    • Observation Cycles: An explanation and diagram of the 3 observations for probationary teachers.
    • Rubric for evaluating teachers by Char Danielson.  This is the full rubric for all four domains.
    • SAG: Student Achievement Goal, info and help on writing your SAG.



  • Anoka-Hennepin Schools

    A-H District Website: Departments tab will list additional resources for benefits, insurance, payroll, etc.


    • E-Resources: an alphabetical list of resources from Media Services
    • Probationary Teacher Professional Development Requirements
      • Elementary: You may need to login with your district username and password.  The requirements are found in the right column under “ELEM PROBATIONARY TEACHER PD”. Select the area that applies to your current position.
      • Secondary P1 and P3New
      • Secondary P2 and P3
    • School Board Policies: including links for students, parents, and employees

    Working Agreement: your teaching contract