• Life event

    Certain changes in life can affect your benefits. A life event is a special enrollment period during the insurance year where you can add or drop dependents from your current coverage. If you experience a qualifying life event, you have 30 days to make changes to your health, dental and flex spending accounts. This is not a time to change plans. Plan changes are allowed only during Anoka-Hennepin’s annual open enrollment during the end of May.


    What is a qualifying life event?

    Here is a list of family status changes that allow you to make a change in coverage:

    • Change in legal marital status, including marriage or divorce
    • Death of your spouse or child
    • Birth or adoption of your child*
    • Dependent child turns age 26
    • Beginning or ending of employment
    • Change in employment status, part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time
    • Change in spouse's employment status, new job or loss of job
    • Medicare eligibility

    You must provide proof documentation of your life event. 


    Next steps?

    If you have a qualifying life event, contact Christine Sundeen in the Insurance Department for a Life Event form and/or more information. Direct line: 763-506-1084. 


    *To add a new baby to your plan, contact the Anoka-Hennepin Insurance Department at 763-506-1080. We will take care of adding your newborn to your Medica and Delta plans. We do not require a form or documentation for adding your newborn.