• Concepts of Math (CoM)

    The CoM is administered in kindergarten and grade 1 to determine students’ mathematical number sense and math readiness based on required knowledge and skills, interests and learning profiles. The focus of the CoM is on reasoning and problem solving. The CoM links to academic standards for math.

    The CoM is a district developed assessment and is used by teachers to determine a student’s math acquisition. The CoM identifies strengths and areas of need. Using data, teachers are able to identify if students need extra support and which students face additional challenges.

    The CoM takes approximately 10-12 minutes the first administration. All items on the CoM are administered the first time a student takes the assessment. Thereafter, students start at the items that were missed during the first administration.

    The CoM is administered in September for baseline and again at the end of each trimester.

    Results of the CoM are immediate for teachers and are shared with parents/guardians through the A-H parent portal.

    Kindergarten components:
    • Forward (to 31) and backward counting (from 20)
    • One more (< 31) / one less (< 20)
    • Numeral ID and ordering (to 31)
    • Composing and decomposing numbers (to 10)
    • Counting collections (to 20)
    • Addition and subtraction number stories (sums and minuends to 10)
    Grade 1 components:
    • Forward and backward counting (to 120)
    • One more / ten more, one less / ten less
    • Numeral ID and ordering (to 120)
    • Composing and decomposing number (to 12)
    • Addition and subtraction number stories (sums and minuends to 12)