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The Move to Medica: Pharmacy benefits

(05/10/2024) Starting Sept. 1, 2024, Medica will be the provider for Anoka-Hennepin health insurance benefits. Open enrollment will run from May 28 through June 12.

The Medica plan covers a variety of prescription drugs and includes options for filling your prescriptions. If you take prescription drugs, you will want to review how your current drugs will be covered under the new plan to avoid any delays in filling prescriptions when the new plan starts on Sept. 1. 

Anoka-Hennepin School’s pharmacy benefit remains a three-tier benefit with:

  • Generic per prescription unit at a $10 copay
  • Preferred brand per prescription unit at a $25 copay
  • Non-preferred brand per prescription unit at a $50 copay

Learn more about prescription drug coverage with the Medica plan.

More resources on Pharmacy benefits are available on the pre-enrollment website at