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Reminder: back-to-school forms being filled out online  

(08/22/2019) A reminder, back-to-school forms are being filled out completely online this year. 

Synergy is the tool being used to walk through the new process, which is called My Student Information on the parent/guardian side of A-HConnect

Below are some key messages you can use in conversations with parents/guardians as they inquire about the back-to-school process: 

  • Back-to-school forms are being completed online this year.  
  • In order to participate in the new verification process, parents/guardians need to engage with the My Student Information program from a desktop computer or tablet (via A-HConnect).
  • Parents/guardians can call 763-506-HELP for technology assistance, username or password retrieval, or any program questions regarding My Student Information (via A-HConnect).
  • My Student Information holds a variety of student information, including attendance and grades once the middle and high school levels are reached.