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Skyward update: Sick and vacation leave added; leave can be requested

(08/27/2019) Employees are now be able to see their sick and vacation leave allocations, as well as prior year balances, in Skyward.  

Sick and vacation leave allotments have been pre-allocated for the 2019-20 school year. This is a slight difference from what employees saw in TIES’ MyView. It’s important for employees to know, that although the yearly allotment is shown within the system, employees are only entitled to the hours/days they’ve earned or carried over to date. If an employee terminates employment, the employee will be expected to reimburse the district any pre-allocated hours/days that were taken, but not earned.   

Also, employees who recorded time off in TIES’ MyView will be expected to request time off using Skyward. Any leave recorded in TIES’ MyView for leave taken after Aug. 3 will also need to be re-entered into the Skyward system. Check out the how-to documents for details on this process


Questions regarding sick and vacation leave allocations, or prior year balances, can be submitted at or 763-506-1087.


For questions regarding the use of sick or vacation leave, please contact Employee Services via or 763-506-1100.