• 7th Grade Life Science

    Course Syllabus


    Teacher information:        Website: www.ahschools.us/jms


    Jeff Batts 763-506-5347 Jeffrey.Batts@ahschools.us

    Leslie Blue 763-506-5244 Leslie.Blue@ahschools.us

    Ryan Best 763-506-3392 Ryan.Best@ahschools.us

    Kelly Freeborg 763-506-5390 Kelly.Freeborg@ahschools.us

    Sarah Garrett 763-506-5375 Sarah.Garrett@ahschools.us

    Christy Gilbertson 763-506-5286 Christy.Gilbertson@ahschools.us


    Course description:

    Life Science is the study of cells, heredity, biological populations and their changes over time. It includes human biology, ecology, diversity of organisms and the history and nature of science. In this course students will have the opportunity to conduct and design experiments, identify and classify organisms. We will work on developing skills in data recording, classifying, measuring, observing, hypothesizing, analyzing, evaluation and inferring.


    Student expectations:

    Be on time

    Come prepared

    Be respectful


    Grading scale:

    Grades are weighted as follows-

    70% assessments

    20% classwork and homework

    10% trimester final (CSA)


    Students that score below 70% will be allowed to retake most tests and quizzes if they show they have made an effort to relearn the material.

    The trimester final (CSA) cannot be retaken.


    Classwork / Homework procedures:

    Student late work will be accepted as follows-

    70% if turned late, but before the unit test.

    All late work must be handed in before the date of the unit test.


    Class supplies:

    Headphones / Earbuds (that plug into a computer)


    3 composition notebooks or a 3 subject notebook