• Unit 3 Media Literacy:
    I can...
    • evaluate different types of print and digital media for accuracy of information, bias, stereotype, purpose, message, and target audience
    • determine an author's point of view/perspective or purpose in an informational text
    • explain how the point of view(writer's perspective) is expressed in the informational text
    Unit 4 Research:
    I can...
    • quote or paraphrase the information gathered to avoid plagiarism
    • create a question and conduct a short research project
    • use multiple sources
    • determine what information is useful and refocus inquiry (question) when appropriate
    Unit 5 Argumentation:
    I can...
    • support an argument using reasons and evidence collected from prior knowledge from text.
    • use credible sources to find evidence to support an argument.
    • determine what information is useful and valid when supporting an argument.
    • write an argument that is logically ordered to assist the reader.
    • evaluate an argument and claims in an informational text.
    • determine claims supported by reasons and evidence from claims that are not.