• Welcome to 8th Grade Family and Consumer Science (FACS)

    Course Title: Gr. 8 Family & Consumer Sciences:

    Foods, Nutrition and Wellness - Design-Interiors, Textiles, Apparel, and Construction
    Content Standard: Minnesota Frameworks
     Food, Nutrition and Wellness
    Design - Interior, Textiles, Apparel &Construction

     1. It is necessary to follow the 4 C's in order to prevent food-borne illness (clean, cook, chill, prevent cross-contamination) MMSFACS 3.2
    1. Managing time and resources, reading technical information, following directions, and problem solving are important to complete a project. MMSFACS 6.1

     2. The kitchen can be a dangerous place if kitchen safety rules are not followed. MMSFACS 3.2
    2. Skills are needed for proper clothing care. MMSFACS 6.2 

     3. Measuring accurately can impact a recipe. MMSFACS 3.3

     4. The USDA guides our recommended eating habits (Food Guide) MMSFACS 3.1


    Course or Grade Level Description:
    Major Outcomes:
       *Learn about nutrition, and how to cook healthy snacks
       *Review the basics of sewing and reading technical directions
     Projects/Activities: Compare food labels, prepare and eat healthy snacks and meals, sew an advanced project
    Instructional Focus: Apply kitchen math and linear measurement, time management, technical reading skills, analyze data and practice teamwork in lab settings.

    (Students can not participate in sewing/cooking labs without their safety sheet signed by their parents/guardian)

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