As your Minnesota Studies teacher, I will keep you informed by updating A-H Connect on a regular basis.  I can be available to help students before school from 7:45-8:25 A.M. and after school from 3:10-3:25 P.M.



    Course Understandings: Students in 6th Grade Minnesota Studies will learn the development and history of their state through the multiple perspectives of its people. Students will study the concepts of civics, economics, geography and history and how each of these concepts together work to influence our lives in Minnesota today.


    Trimester 1

    Geography and Minnesota’s Past• Dakota and Ojibwe

    The Land Changes Hands and Fur Trade

    Constitution Day  Veterans Day

    Capstone #1

    Trimester 2

    Minnesota Government• Civil War Times

    Minnesota Grows

    Capstone #2

    Trimester 3

    WWI and the Great Depression

    • WW II and the Cold War  A Changing Landscape

    Capstone #3


    Grading: Your final grade for each trimester will be based on these three areas

    70%-Formative Assessments: Quizzes & Tests

    20%-Classwork and Homework

    10%-District Summative Assessments: Trimester Tests


    Student Materials:  Being prepared for class will help you succeed.  Please bring the following materials with you on a daily basis:  Pencils & erasers, a composition notebook, a folder set aside to keep handouts or assignments, and your assignment notebook.  You will use colored pencils throughout the school year, but simply store them in your locker until needed. A textbook will be available online or from the LMC for home use. You may need to reread material at home after it is covered in class for better understanding.