• Middle School Algebra Common Course Syllabus

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  • Course Overview

    Course Title: Middle School Algebra

    Grade Level: 8


    Course Description:

    The course introduces the student to the basic structure of algebra through the use of the real number system. The basic operations of signed numbers, linear equations and inequalities are the basis of the course. Middle School Algebra is the bridge between Intermediate Pre-Algebra and Intermediate Algebra.  Application will be made in solving equations, graphing equations and inequalities, and solving real-world problems.


    Course Requisites:

    Essential Content, Processes and Skills:

    • Analyze mathematical information, problem-solve, and communicate real world answers
    • Recognize patterns and make generalizations
    • Solve equations, linear functions, polynomials, radicals, and rational expressions
    • Extend algebraic concepts to solve real world problems


    Course Grading Scale:

    A         90-100%

    B         80-89%

    C         70-79%          

    D         60-69%

    F          Anything below 60%

    Grading Breakdown:

    Assessments               80%

    Coursework                10%

    District Final Exam      10%


    Materials Needed:

    Folder, Three Notebooks (one per trimester), Calculator, Pencils, Highlighter (optional)


    Wish List:

    If you have any extra pencils, paper, or facial tissues to donate, please do!


    Teachers and Contact Emails:

    Mrs. Anderson Rachelle.Anderson@ahschools.us(763) 506-5258
    Mrs. Freese Amanda.Freese@ahschools.us(763) 506-3931
    Ms. StaycoffKimberley.Staycoff@ahschools.us(763) 506-3941
    Mrs. Melland Tammy.Melland@ahschools.us(763) 506-5260