• 6th Grade Art

    Course Syllabus – Mrs. Moat

    Welcome to 6th Grade Art! I am looking forward to working with you, fostering your creativity, and helping you grow as an artist. You will have Art class every other day, all year. I hope you find this class to be an enjoyable and enriching experience!

    Supplies: You will need a pencil that you will store in the Art room, an eraser and your student planner every day. You will need a book in case you finish your work early.  All Art materials will be supplied for you.

    Grading in Art:  Art is not easy for everyone, but we can all learn and have a meaningful experience. Following instructions, having a positive attitude and a willingness to try go a long way in being successful. Studio projects will be graded using specific rubrics based on project Learning Targets. In addition to Art project assessments, there will be written assignments and summative assessments at the end of each Trimester.  All work is done in class.

    Grading Scale:

    Project Assessments  = 80% of final grade

    Summative Assessments = 10% of final grade

    Written Assignments= 10% of final grade

    Makeup/Late Work: If you are absent, see me to find out what you missed. You may get a pass to come in before school or during Advisory for extra time. Late work will be accepted up until one week before the end of the Trimester.

    Behavior Expectations: I consider good behavior essential to learning and having a successful experience in Art. Following the Jackson rules of showing respect for yourself, others, property, and community is expected. In the Art room that means:

                *Staying on task and using class time to complete your work.

                *Being prepared for class with a pencil, eraser, and planner daily.

                *Being polite and respectful to everyone in the room.

                *Respecting the Art equipment and materials, following all safety instructions, and cleaning up after yourself. No gum is                  allowed in the Art room.

    Poor behavior can result in a warning, parent phone call, removal from class, and/or referral to the Assistant Principal (detention or other consequence may be assigned).


    Curriculum: For 6th grade we will be doing a variety of creative projects using many different mediums such as Tin, Clay, Pastel, and Paint.  Each project will focus on specific Elements and Principles of Art. You will discover what you can learn about yourself and the world around you through creating unique Artwork. To see examples of 6th grade project look at the Student Artwork Gallery page!

    Trimester One: Art projects will demonstrate Line, Shape, Pattern, Movement
    Trimester Two: Art projects will demonstrate Unity, Texture, Balance, Form
    Trimester Three: Art projects will demonstrate Color and Space/Depth


    Course Understandings:

    1.     Students will understand that art is created and exists in a historical and cultural context.

    2.     Students will understand that technology has always been and will continue to expand the definition of art.

    3.     Students will understand that different materials, processes and techniques are used to create art.

    4.     Students will understand that personal choice is essential to creative expression.

    5.     Students will understand that the making of art requires complex problem solving.

    6.     Students will learn that the Elements/Principles of Art are essential to the production of quality art.

    7.     Students will understand that the visual language communicates the human experience.

    8.     Students will understand that artwork is assessed using various criteria.

    9.     Students will understand that it is essential to learn and apply art vocabulary.


    Contact Information:

    Lisa Moat | Art Teacher |Jackson Middle School 

    6000 109th Avenue No.  Champlin, MN 55316


    email: lisa.moat@ahschools.us

    voice mail:  763.506.5237