• Intermediate Pre-Algebra Course Syllabus

    Topics Covered

    Some of the topics covered in Pre-Algebra include: rational numbers, expressions, equations, proportional reasoning with geometric and algebraic applications, percentages, data and probability applications and measurement of circles. The curriculum is aligned to the seventh grade Minnesota state standards, which can be found on the Minnesota Department of Education website.


    Online Resource Information

    You can access online resources through individual teacher websites and google classroom. Teachers have a link to the Intermediate Pre-Algebra site on their page that you can access through the school website at http://ahschools.us/jms.


    Materials Needed

    1” 3-ring binder or pocket folder

    Loose leaf paper or notebook

    Scientific calculator

    Pencils with erasers (enough to last a year!)



    Homework will be given out on a regular basis. It is expected that students complete the homework in order to achieve mastery on past topics. Any other in-class tasks are considered coursework also.


    Assessment Procedure

    Students will be given about a week’s notice before any assessment.  Formative assessments will be given on a regular basis to assess student progress. Summative assessments will occur after each unit, and will assess material from current and previous units. Students will be reassessed on previous learning targets numerous times throughout the year. Therefore, retakes are not necessary.


    Grading Procedure

    In this course, 85% of the student’s grade will be based on his/her individual assessments, 5% will be coursework (homework/formatives), and 10% is the Common Summative Assessment.  Students will be encouraged to continue to improve their grades through the use of mandatory reassessments.  These reassessments will be built into their current assessments.  The most recent assessment will determine the grade. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis.  Students will still be held accountable for completing it because we feel very strongly that completing the homework is necessary for students to achieve their highest potential.