Middle school talent development program 

    Classroom differentiation

    Differentiated instruction is one of the district’s instructional strategies used to respond to the needs of all learners. Classroom teachers respond to students’ varied academic needs and interests by adjusting instructional levels, adjusting pacing and providing choices. Talent development provides support to classroom teachers with differentiation, especially when students need advanced activities.  


    Advanced courses

    At each of our six middle schools there are advanced courses in grades six through eight designed to meet the needs of very talented learners in specific subject areas. These courses are advanced English language arts (Advanced ELA), advanced science and above grade level math courses. Students qualify for these courses based on district criteria. In our middle school social studies courses, differentiated instruction strategies are used to meet the needs of advanced learners. Refer to our middle school registration guide for more information about these courses.

    Academic enrichment opportunities

    Each of the middle schools has a talent development leader who collaborates with classroom teachers in designing differentiated activities and who facilitates the organization of district and site academic enrichment opportunities. More information can be found in the navigation menu to the left.